Author: Professor Neil C. Turner

Plastic-film mulch in Chinese agriculture: Importance and problems

Liu Shuang,
Liu Qin,
Dr. Liu Enke,
Professor Neil C. Turner,
Dr. He Wenqing,
Professor Yan Changrong
Summary Plastic-film mulch is widely used to increase the productivity of crops, vegetables and fruit trees in cold and arid or semiarid regions of China. Use increased from 6000 t, covering 0.12 million ha, in 1982, to 1.2 million t, covering almost 20 million ha, in 2011. The thin (4-8 µm) polyethylene film used in China is slow to degrade, easily damaged, difficult to reuse for a second season and difficult to remove. Residual plastic in the top 0.3 m soil layer is now estimated …


Climate change, population and food security

Professor Neil C. Turner
Summary It is widely recognised that climate change will impact negatively on food security and poverty, particularly in some countries in the developing world. This paper, however, points out that population growth will likely have a bigger neg- ative impact on food security and poverty in some countries in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The impact of climate change and population growth on food security and poverty in Timor-Leste (East Timor), a newly-independent country in …